Face Treatments

Facial Cleansing
Deep facial cleansing with the pure biological formulas of Jurlique.

Bio rejuvenation
Treatment combining deep cleansing, together with hydration, balancing and firming treatments, depending on the particular needs of the skin. It is combined with relaxing neck-back massage for better results.

Oxygen treatment
Treatment for external softness, internal effectiveness. Tissues get oxygen and are stimulated. It works against environmental pollution.

Peeling treatment with micro crystals. With the 2Β treatment the peeling process starts from the inner layer of the skin and the cellular metabolism becomes activated. It is recommended for oily skins and skins with blotches, freckles, discolorations and scars.

ΑΗΑ Treatment 
With their peeling effect fruit acids cleanse the skin, regulate oil excretions, soften blotches and discolorations
  • DEEP CLEANING                             80 € 
  • SiMPLE CLEANING                          60 € 
  • BIO REJUVENATION                     100 € 
  • CLEANING BACK                            80 €
  • HYDRATION                                     30 € 
  • EYE TREATMENTS                         20 €
  • COLLAGENTREATMENTS              50 €
  • OXYGEN TREATMENTS                 60 €
    –ECLAT-COLLAGEN                       120 €
  • PHYTOPEELING                             120 €
  • GREANSING TREATMENTS            60 €
More Services
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Depilation techniques applied in our spa include wax, electrolysis and biological. We use wax of the highest quality to avoid allergies and skin irritation.
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